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Sunday, July 17, 2011

C for Cupcakes!

HELLOOOOOO! Long time no see. About 3 weeks I didn't post anything on my blog :(
Finally, I had passed the National Exam. The result will be announced next month, wish I will get the best result for my National Exam. Now, I had much unprodutive day. Just sit along infont of my laptop along day, watching the DVDs, play with my dogs and meet some of my friends. 
Yesterday, I tried to browse some recipes from the internet and I decided to make cupcakes. Then, I went to pastry material shop not too far from my home to buy the ingredients and tools to make a cupcakes. Not too difficult to make cupcakes but this is my first experience to make a cupcakes so I'm little confused to mix one ingredients with the others. It's take about 3-4 hours to make my homemade cupcakes. After bake the cupcakes dough into the oven , voilaaa! I pull out my well baked cupcakes. After waiting 30 minutes to cool the pastry, I ended up with decorated my cupcakes.


  1. yumm !!
    anyway I'm throwing merchandises for 5 lucky questioners in my post.! Kindly check and question me!!


  2. wowww beautiful cupcakes!! A-MA-ZING!! LOVE YOUR BLOG GIRLL!! keep up the good work ^^ visit my blog and follow me if u want!! :D have a nice day ^^

  3. WOwwww!! Awesome.....ur first time but with me its the best :) so kool